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Michelle Clark, the founder of Michelle Clark Luxemark Interiors, has designed and furnished some of the world’s most beautiful houses, across Europe, in the Bahamas, and in her home state of New York, in both Manhattan and Millbrook. She is renown for her unerring eye, attention to detail, and deep commitment to her clientele.

Having lived in England, France and Italy for twelve years, Michelle brings a continental aesthetic to her projects, one that is steeped in the casual, lived-in elegance that is the hallmark of British style, the rich history of French design and the eclectic regionalism reflected in the great villas of Rome and the glossy postmodern apartments of Turin and Milan. She is as adept at making over a chic Manhattan loft or Upper East Side townhouse as a beach getaway or country great house.

Hers is a unique approach to design that starts with understanding what each client wants to achieve and also reflects her own passion for design. There is never just one, two or even three ways to approach a room. For Michelle, interior design is a multi-faceted process that involves really understanding a client’s lifestyle and needs, and then delving into the research and sourcing to offer many options and ideas. “I’m not trying to get out of there fast,” she says. “I’m trying to figure out what the client wants.” Michelle collaborates closely with her clients to narrow those choices for the perfect look — or, if a client prefers, she will work independently, delivering a finished home with only the most minimal input from its owner.

The priority at Luxemark Interiors is how the client lives in his or her home. Their houses are livable and beautiful. Michelle does not choose an item or offer an idea simply because it looks good. It has to fit into the way a client lives in a space. Choices are made around family, pets and location. The homes she designs are personal, they juxtapose the old and the new, they use color, they incorporate furniture a client already owns with custom-orders. There is nothing cookie-cutter about them. “I don’t want my clients to ever have to re-do their home after I’m done. It’s not something that will need updating. It will be timeless, exquisite, comfortable.”


Heidi Feiwel has spent her career working in the fields of art and design. Heidi received her Bachelors Degree in painting and photography from Cornell University, and her Associate degree in Interior Design from the New York School of Interior Design. While living in Italy and Germany, Heidi worked as a fashion stylist for Elle Magazine. Returning to New York, she worked as a prop stylist for a number of notable magazines, such as O at Home, Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living, before establishing her own design firm.

Heidi’s philosophy is embedded in her strong conviction that interior design should balance aesthetic elegance with layers of visual generosity. As a senior designer at Luxemark, she focuses on design projects from concept through to completion, working closely with Michelle to deliver well-documented solutions that exceed expectations and add value to projects. Michelle and Heidi’s attention to detail — texture, warmth and refined comfort — is evident through the entire design process and reflects a sense of each client’s unique personality.